2023 Accessibility Plan for City of Calgary regulated telecommunications assets and services

The City of Calgary owns and operates municipal fibre optic infrastructure used primarily for delivering municipal services. As we deploy our fibre network, excess capacity is created for future needs. This excess capacity in the infrastructure can be licensed to third parties as a dark fibre service.

The City of Calgary does not provide public access to its mission critical assets or its regulated assets. The City fibre network does not provide:

  • Internet services
  • Residential retail service
  • Network and electronic equipment

The City of Calgary is committed to providing accessible services to all persons including those with disabilities through numerous programs under the jurisdiction of The City of Calgary.

See Accessible and equitable programs and services for more information on The City of Calgary’s Accessibility Plans.

The City of Calgary is publishing this plan in compliance with the obligations under the Accessible Canada Act and the CRTC Accessibility Reporting Regulations (the Regulations). 

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