In 2018, The City of Calgary collaborated with the community to create a bold proposal to Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge.

Imagine a city where...

  • low-income families can ensure their school age child will play hockey next season because they have connected with the right agencies that provide recreation subsidies.
  • an innovative start-up has everything they need in one location to seamlessly design, build and launch services that have worldwide impact and reach.
  • researchers discover ground-breaking technologies by leveraging connected infrastructure and successful experimentation with state of the art resources and support.
This is Calgary. The future is here and we are ready.

Although Calgary’s submission was not selected as a finalist, the Smart Cities team will continue to work with our community and pursue collaborative ways to achieve outcomes aimed at making a positive impact for all Calgarians and to deliver on some of the proposed projects.

The Smart Cities Challenge fostered a collaborative spirit within our community – between government, academia, industry and Calgarians.

The insight gained from the Smart Cities Challenge will help Calgary focus on specific areas that are important to Calgarians so we can continue to make smart investments that will help make life in Calgary better every day.

Calgary’s 2018 submission to the Smart Cities Challenge