Partnerships and regional collaboration

Partnerships and collaboration

We are building partnerships and collaborating within our community and surrounding regions to leverage co-creation opportunities.

University of Waterloo collaboration on NSERC Alliance Consortia Quantum research

The University of Waterloo successfully obtained NSERC funding for its quantum-resistant cryptography research. The City of Calgary is proud to be a partner along with other leading Canadian companies to participate in this exciting research. Read the news release.

Exploring Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions and challenges with University of Calgary

Through joint projects and initiatives with the University of Calgary, we will identify use cases to better understand how AR/VR technologies can rapidly produce and ultimately procure compelling solutions. 

University of Calgary teleport particles over City fibre network

Find out how university researchers are furthering their discoveries using City infrastructure.

Watch the video and read the Tech Times article "Researchers beam light particle across fiber network, sets quantum teleportation record"