Smart Calgary

A smart city improves the overall quality of life for people at home, work and play by integrating technology and data solutions in community building. By being a smart city, Calgary is evolving with our community’s needs to remain resilient. With a shifting economic environment, an ever-changing technological landscape, and new social opportunities, smart cities approaches are more important than ever.

How a smart city approach benefits Calgarians

A smart city approach leverages innovation, data and connected technology to improve quality of life through:

  • Increased connectivity

  • Expedited technological innovation

  • Increased social innovation

  • Improved service delivery

  • Increased efficiencies

  • More economic development opportunities

Why do we need a Smart Calgary Strategy?

Our world is undergoing significant shifts (public health, economic, technological, environmental and social crises) and it is more important than ever for The City to have a strategy that helps navigate our community through this velocity of complex technology advancements.

Our Smart Calgary Strategy

The Smart Calgary Strategy outlines how we will harness the power of data and technology to connect, engage and future-proof our community and services.

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Our priorities

A smart city approach is already helping our community

Find out how we apply smart technologies to help make life better every day for Calgarians and businesses.

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