Off-Leash Ambassador program

The Off-Leash Ambassador program is a volunteer-led approach to educating citizens about responsible pet ownership and safety in off-leash areas. The program was launched in 2013 as part of our commitment to work with and support Calgarians to comply with the bylaws in our 157 off-leash areas. Our Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, for example, requires dog owners to remove dog waste and to keep their dogs under control at all times for everyone’s safety.


Volunteer in the Off-Leash Ambassador program:

  • act as positive role models, promoting responsible pet ownership, positive pet interactions and safety in our off-leash parks and at community events
  • answer questions about Calgary’s bylaws in off-leash areas
  • provide an avenue for citizens to share their concerns with City staff
  • promote City services such licensing and the no-cost spay and neuter program

New volunteers receive an orientation and training program that includes a review of the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and receive information on animal behavior and safety.

Please sign up for information on upcoming training courses and more.  


Off-Leash Ambassador program

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