Martial arts and self defense classes

Martial arts and self-defense classes

Quality martial arts programs for adults, children and families at all levels of experience. Develop new skills, increase your fitness level and improve self-confidence in any of our fun and challenging classes.

Benefits of taking our classes

Our martial arts programs are designed to challenge you no matter your skill level. Have fun and work hard in a class that will:

  • increase your self-esteem and develop confidence in your capabilities
  • build your stamina, strength and flexibility through full-body physical exercise
  • teach you how to defend yourself
  • help you become more aware of your actions and the people around you
  • encourage respect for others and self-discipline
  • provide instruction in various martial arts techniques
  • help reduce stress and anxiety by encouraging you to practice deep breathing, meditation and mindfulness

Types of martial arts and self defense classes

You can register online, in person at our Recreation facilities, or by calling

Spring & summer program and day camp registration is now open.

Why choose us?

We have skilled and experienced instructors teaching in your community.  Our high quality, traditional Martial Arts programs allow you to try something new and learn a martial art in a structured, non-competitive program.  We have a variety of classes to challenge any skill level.