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Creating resilient, adaptable and attractive public spaces Main Streets

The Main Streets Program is one of the ways that The City is making our city a great place to make a living, and a great place to make a life by creating places people want to live, work and play.


Main Streets under construction

Construction is underway on these Main Streets:

The Main Streets program vision

Calgary’s Main Streets are places where citizens come together. They are places where we want to go, we enjoy, and we connect as a community. The transformation of Main Streets will occur jointly through public and private investment, and will empower citizens to travel less and live more by providing the things we need right in our own communities.

Five stages to Main Streets

Building Calgary's future Main Streets doesn't happen overnight. The City has a comprehensive process from initial idea to final outcome. Interested parties and community members exchange ideas and are kept informed along the way.

  • Stage 1


    • Two years of engagement.

    • Economic market analysis.

    • Evaluated 24 Main Streets.

    • Designs for building Main Streets.

    • A strategy for implementation.

  • Stage 2


    • Land use redesignations.

    • Local plan amendments.

    • Infrastructure capacity assessments.

    • A plan for people, place and infrastructure.

  • Stage 3


    • Public realm, transportation and infrastructure designs.

    • Construction documents.

    • Streetscape master plans.

    • A shovel-ready project.

  • Stage 4


    • Catalytic capital investments in public realm.

    • Promote private investment through development and business activity.

    • Community transformation.

  • Stage 5


    • Ongoing maintenance and operations by asset owners.

    • Promote a vibrant place and economy.

    • Places for people to live, work and play.

Active projects

The transformaton of a Main Street happens in stages:


Projects we're preparing for future design work

These projects have initiated or completed land-use redesignations and streetscape master plans, but aren't quite ready to proceed with shovel-ready designs because the planning phase isn't fully complete.

  • Bowness Road N.W.
  • Inglewood (9 Avenue S.E.)
  • Montgomery (16 Avenue N.W.)
  • Centre Street N. (River to 16 Avenue - part of Green Line)


Projects we're getting shovel-ready

These projects have completed the planning phase and we're making them shovel-ready. They are unfunded or partially funded for construction.


Our active construction projects

These projects have undergone adjacent land-use redesignation, approved designs, and are funded for construction.


Our future priorities

These projects have yet to undergo land use redesignation or master planning, but are identified as priorities in the 2018 Council approved Main Streets Implementation Plan.

North Calgary:

  • 4 Street N.W.
  • Kensington Road N.W. (Segment 2 - Crowchild Trail to 14 Street)
  • Centre Street N.E. (Segment 2 & 3 - 16 Avenue to north of 32 Avenue)
  • Edmonton Trail N.E. (Segments 1 to 3 - River to north of 32 Avenue)
  • 36 Street N.E.

South Calgary:

  • 10 Avenue S.W.
  • 14 Street (Segment 1 - River to 17 Avenue)


Our long term plans

These main street areas were approved but are not identified as priorities in the 2018 Council approved Main Streets Implementation Plan. This list will be reviewed on a periodic basis and updated accordingly.

North Calgary:

  • 10 Street N.W.
  • 14 Street N.W. (Segment 2 - River to 8 Avenue)
  • 16 Avenue N.W (Segment 2 - 16 Avenue to Centre St.)
  • Edmonton Trail N.E.

South Calgary:

  • Macleod Trail
  • Richmond Road S.W.
  • 4 Street S.W.
  • 14 Street S.W. (Segment 2 - 17 to 33 Avenues)
  • 17 Avenue S.W. (Segment 2 - 14 Street to Crowchild Trail)
  • 17 Avenue S. (Segment 3 - 14 Street S.W. to Macleod Trail S.E.)

Frequently asked questions

What is a Main Street?

A Main Street is the cultural, social and economic focal point of a community. As the heart of the community, a Main Street is vibrant by design – they allow for a wider variety of uses (eg. Retail space and offices) and mixed housing options, to support the higher density of development necessary to support that variety of uses. Main Streets are places where people in a community can live and come together to enjoy a variety of activities.

Why do we need a Main Streets program?

To reach their full potential, Calgary’s Main Streets need both public and private investment. The Main Streets program is a continuum that goes from changes to land use that will support development opportunities to a streetscape master plan that is designed to support these changes and can be constructed in a coordinated fashion. The increase in development activity will bring more people and new jobs to the community, making the area more attractive to local businesses and residents.

What makes a vibrant Main Street?

A vibrant Main Street is resilient, adaptable and attractive. Main Streets capture the character of a community by being inviting, safe, attractive and memorable. They are diverse streets when it comes to commerce, residents and culture, featuring a mix of old and new and a land use framework that supports this diversity. This diversity is also supported by a multi-modal transportation network.

Which Main Streets are funded for construction?

Currently there are six Main Streets funded for construction. Depending on budget limitations some Main Streets are only funded for a portion of the design that will address the community’s highest needs.

Due to budget limitation, some of the above Main Streets will be constructed in phases or short-term improvements that address the community’s highest needs may be implemented.

Why is my Main Street not currently funded for design and construction?

The Main Streets program team has identified five Main Streets as current priorities. Once these Main Streets have been seen through to completion, we will work with Council to determine whether funding can be allocated to the next group of prioritized Main Streets.

Documents and reports

Main Streets Program Documents

Planning and Urban Development Committee Reports

Bowness Road N.W. (Bowness)

Bowness Road N.W. (Montgomery)

16 Avenue N.W. (Montgomery)

16 Avenue N

Kensington Road N.W.

10 Street N.W.

4 Street N.W.

Centre Street N.

Richmond Road S.W.

37 Street S.W.

17 Avenue S.W.

10 Avenue S.W.

14 Street S.W.

33/34 Avenues S.W.

4 Street S.W.

50 Avenue S.W.

Edmonton Trail N.E.

1 Avenue N.E.

32 Avenue N.E.

36 Street N.E.

17 Avenue S.E.

9 Avenue S.E.

Macleod Trail S.

Macleod Trail S.E.

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