Wellness and meditation classes

Wellness and meditation classes

Increase your wellness through various movement based wellness classes, education sessions and intentional guided meditation practices. Wellness and meditation is a powerful way of gaining the benefits of an aligned mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of learning wellness and meditation

Our classes are soothing and supportive to the nervous system. With a mindful and intentional approach we can transform our health and wellbeing.

Feel your muscles relax and release the tension in them. Lower your feelings of stress and learn tools for use in everyday life. These activities may also lower your resting heart rate and blood presure.

Types of wellness and meditation classes

You can register online, in person at our Recreation facilities, or by calling

Spring & summer program and day camp registration is now open.

About our wellness and meditation instructors

Our wellness and meditation instructors are trained and experienced in the art and science of mind-body practices.

What are classes like?

Classes range in length and style. Our classes are wholistic, supportive, inviting and uplifting. Sessions are unique to the style of class and the subtle differences are experienced based on the instructor and the nature of the program.  

Come prepared

  • Bring your own mat and blanket for warmth and support
  • Bring a water bottle

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