Construction is underway as we prepare for the Green Line.

Several significant Early Works projects are preparing the way for Green Line. Our current projects are:

In the downtown core, the Green Line tunnel and stations will be under 2 Street S.W. Extensive work will be done to move underground utilities (Telus, ENMAX, etc.) away from 2 Street S.W. and into adjacent streets and avenues.

In the Beltline, the Green Line tunnel and stations will be under 11 Avenue S. Utilities are being relocated away from 11 Avenue S. and into adjacent streets, avenues and alleyways.

Construction begins in summer 2023 to prepare for the Green Line in Ogden. A vehicle tunnel will be built at 78 Avenue S.E. and a pedestrian tunnel will be constructed near 72 Avenue S.E.

Starting in summer 2023 and through 2024, The City will begin construction of remaining short-term North Central BRT projects along the BRT (Centre Street MAX) corridor on Centre Street N. and Harvest Hills Boulevard N.

Phase 1 – What's being built and when

In May 2023 Green Line entered the Development Phase with Bow Transit Connectors (BTC). During this 16-month phase, Green Line and BTC will advance the design, understand risks, determine project cost and schedule.

Main construction of Phase 1, Shepard to Eau Claire, is on track to begin in 2024. The schedule will be determined through the Development Phase. Based on other projects of similar size and scale, it should take approximately five to six years to complete.

 Phase 1 will connect southeast Calgary to the downtown and into the existing LRT and MAX BRT routes while building:

  • 13 stations
  • 18 km of LRT track
  • 3 park and ride facilities at Shepard, Douglas Glen and Lynnwood/Millican stations
  • 1 km of elevated track between 26 Avenue S.E. station and Ramsay/Inglewood station
  • 2 km of tunnel under Beltline and Downtown
  • 4 LRT bridge structures that span across the Elbow River, Bow River, Deerfoot Trail and Blackfoot Trail
  • 1 LRV maintenance and storage facility

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