Residential Throw 'n' Go facilities

We offer residential Throw ‘n’ Go areas to dispose of materials that may not belong or fit in your residential carts. They are paved, all-weather locations that allows you to easily and safely dispose of garbage and some recycling materials.

Some items can be dropped off at no cost. See the lists below to see where charges do and don't apply.

For hours and locations of City of Calgary landfills, visit Landfill Locations and hours.

Charges apply for these items

You can throw away these items but charges apply.

For loads under 250 kg, the minimum charge is $25 per load. The rate for garbage (basic sanitary rate) is $113 per tonne (1000 kg).

For detailed fees, visit our Landfill Rates page.

  • Bagged household garbage
  • Yard waste
  • Mattresses
  • Couches and sofas
  • Refrigerators, freezers, water softeners
  • Dishwashers, washers, stoves, dryers
  • Tables, chairs, cabinets, drawers
  • Barbeques (BBQ), lawnmowers
  • Construction and demolition materials

Visit What Goes Where to see a full list of suggestions for how to donate, dispose of or recycle many household items.

No charges for these items

Residential customers can dispose of these items for no cost.

Please note: If you bring garbage or other waste that has a disposal fee, you will be charged for the weight of the full load.