Funding Information Management System (FIMS)

Funding Information Management System (FIMS)


The City of Calgary’s Funding Information Management System (FIMS) is a secure, online platform for organizations to manage their organization's profile, apply for funding and manage reporting requirements.

What can I do in FIMS?

  • Be notified of new funding and grant opportunities available from the City of Calgary.
  • Apply for funding when available and view the status of applications.
  • Complete reporting requirements as a condition of funding.
  • Upload supporting documents.
  • Access and update organization profile, contacts.

How do I Access FIMS?

Already have a FIMS account? Log into FIMS at:

Need a FIMS account? Follow these steps to create myID Business and FIMS accounts:

1. Obtain a business ID number & myID Business Account.

  • Go to the How to Apply section of Business Licencing and Permits and apply for a business licence*.
  • Visit the Planning Services Centre on the third floor of the Calgary Municipal Building at 800 Macleod Trail SE.
  •  Call Business License & Registration 403-268-5311.

*Note: Non-profit or charitable organization’s providing social services may not require a business licence, however, all the steps to create a myID Business Account still apply.  Please call 403-268-5311 if you have any questions.

2. Register a primary email address.

  • Call Business License & Registration 403-268-5311.

3. Create a myID Account and Convert to Business Administrator Account

4. Log into FIMS: FIMS at:

  • Set up organization profile and add contacts.

Additional Resources

Information about organizations, users and managing files.

FIMS Contacts, Roles and Access & myID Accounts
Includes information on adding and removing users, changing access and roles, create business administrator accounts.

FIMS On-line Training
Take the FIMS online training to learn how you can use FIMS to update your organization’s profile, apply for Funding, and complete reporting requirements.


  • FIMS Support:
  • myID Support: call 311 and submit a ticket
  • Business License & Registration: 403-268-5311 

Frequently Asked Questions

Important contacts and information about organizations, users and managing files.