​Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) is a joint municipal-provincial funding program designed to establish, administer and operate preventive social services. FCSS emphasizes prevention, volunteerism and local autonomy. The program has been governed by the Family & Community Support Services Act​ and Regulation​ since 1966.

The Community Development Committee meets to consider FCSS Funding Priorities, funding recommendations and policy directions from Administration. The Committee also makes recommendations to Council to approve or amend funding recommendations presented by Administration.

The provincial and municipal governments share the cost of the program. The Province contributes up to 80 per cent of the program cost and The City covers a minimum of 20 per cent. Calgary City Council has made a commitment to contribute more than the minimum requirement and provides 25 per cent of the program cost.

The FCSS Policy informs and guides the work of FCSS Calgary and its relationship with funded organizations.

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Who benefits from FCSS programs?​

Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities are the primary beneficiaries of programs and services funded through FCSS.

Organizations receive FCSS-funding to deliver programs that are based on best or promising practices in prevention science.

The 2022 FCSS Annual Report​ is available, including success stories from our partner organizations about individuals who have benefited from FCSS programs.

FCSS Calgary Forum

The FCSS Calgary Forum provides an opportunity for members of Administration, organization representatives, and other stakeholders to work together to increase the profile of FCSS in Calgary. The Terms of Reference for the FCSS Calgary Forum is included in the FCSS policy​.

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