In 2018, Council approved $25 million to support Calgarians’ mental health and addiction issues over five years. In collaboration with six community partners, efforts to increase collective impact among funding agencies and grantmakers have leveraged $1.2 million in addition to the City’s Funding for pilot projects and targeted investments that address issues related to mental health, addiction, and public safety.

By identifying critical gaps, solutions and working on a collaborative approach to funding, we are:

  • Reducing the administrative burden on funded organizations.
  • Ensuring a higher number of projects are funded and adequately meet their resource requirements.
  • Empowering partners to share information, knowledge, and valuable connections to collectively make better funding decisions.
  • Building capacity for bigger impact and ability to adapt to emerging sector needs.

Our Community Investment Table partners and their representatives include:

  • Calgary Foundation

    Jason Bates

    Vice President, Grants and Community Initiatives

  • Calgary Health Foundation

    Rebecca Strand-Bowman

    VP, Philanthropy & Chief Development Officer

  • Calgary Homeless Foundation

    Matt Nomura

    Vice President, Strategic Investment and Community Impact

  • Hunter Family Foundation

    Mona Hunter

    Family Ambassador

  • Hunter Family Foundation

    Gena Rotstein

    Karma & Cents, Philanthropy Advisor

  • The City of Calgary

    Paula Yung

    Manager, Community Safety Strategies

  • United Way of Calgary and Area

    Susan Brooke

    Vice President, Community Impact and Partnerships

  • Viewpoint Foundation

    Karen Macdonald

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Viewpoint Foundation

    Cat Van Wielingen