Calgary Police Service

Police information checks for adoption

Interim adoption process overview

Calgary Police Information Check will provide a name-based Police information check which will include the vulnerable sector record search being completed. If an individual's information results in a possible 'hit' to the search, they will need to make an appointment to visit our office for fingerprint submission and complete a vulnerable sector verification.

Current process

  1. The Police Information Check Unit will send individual's prints to Ottawa RCMP under a civil process as they do not fall under a paid or volunteer position. The fee is $25 to search for adoption purpose. This fee goes to the Receiver General for Canada - Consolidated Revenue Fund which is audited. Under a civil process, the fingerprints will get sent electronically to Ottawa RCMP for a Criminal Record Check and a search against the Pardoned Sex Related database.
  2. Results will get sent back to Calgary Police Service by Canada Post in a hardcopy document. Results will not be sent back electronically as it follows the process set by Ottawa RCMP procedures.
  3. The Calgary Police will send a Police information check certificate letter to the individual along with the results of the vulnerable sector verification upon completion.

Please note: The applicant is responsible for providing the documentation they receive from the Calgary Police directly to the agency.

We will advise and update our documentation upon conclusion of the adoption process review.


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234

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