Providing clear and easy to understand signage in your multi-family complex will inform residents on what’s allowed and not allowed in the bins.

To comply with the bylaw requirements, you must provide clear signage on all collection containers for garbage, recycling and composting, indicating what type of materials goes in each bin. Check with your hauler to see what signage they may provide.

Pictures are not required; however, they will help residents understand what goes in the bin, improving the success of your program.

Types of signage and placement

Signage can consist of items like posters, decals, notices, bin stickers and more. 

  • Signage must be affixed so that it is fastened or attached to the bin, wall or other nearby surface. Movable signage like sandwich boards do not meet the signage requirements. 
  • Put labels at eye level and/or on the front of each bin.
  • Post additional signs in common areas in addition to the garbage area (e.g. lobby, mailboxes, elevators).

Examples of signage

Quality of signs

Signage must be maintained regularly.

Ensure they are legible and free of damage or deterioration that impacts the indicators legibility.

Laminate signs, use waterproof decals or cover with plexi-glass to protect them from the elements.

Downloadable posters

These posters can help you promote your waste diversion program and help with reducing wrong items in the bins. When working with your hauler, check to see if they have additional tools and resources you can use.

Each version can be downloaded in either an 8.5” by 11” or 11” by 17” format for you to print. 

You may also request a printed copy for your building by completing the multi-family online service request form. Not all resources may be available in hard copy.


Food and yard waste acceptable materials

Keep out of the compost bin

Remove food from the packaging

Pet waste


Food scraps, recycling, and garbage acceptable materials

No large furniture

No household hazardous waste


Recycling acceptable materials

Bag your bags

Bag your bags 2

Flatten boxes


Garbage acceptable materials

Oversized bin decals

If your hauler does not provide decals on your bins, use these provided files.

  • Ask your hauler for permission to add decals to their bins.
  • Take these designs to your preferred printer to print out as decals. It is recommended to print on a durable weather-resistant vinyl material.

Additional resources

Is there a poster topic missing that you would like to have? Please let us know your suggestions on new posters or resources that would help make your waste program successful.