One of the objectives in Foundations for Home - the Corporate Affordable Housing Strategy is to get the Calgary community building.  We work closely across our organization to scale up the capacity of affordable housing providers and collectively improve the housing system in Calgary.

The following resources are available to Calgary’s community of non-market/affordable housing providers.

Grants and Funding

The Housing Incentive Program (HIP)

The Housing Incentive Program (HIP) is available to non-profit organizations for affordable housing projects in Calgary. HIP includes both pre-development grant opportunities and a rebate on City permits and fees to encourage the building of affordable housing units and stimulate the economy.

Indigenous Affordable Housing Funding Program (IAHFP)

The Indigenous Affordable Housing Funding Program (IAHFP) is a new program with a one-time fund of $6 million or affordable housing that is owned, designed, and delivered by and for Indigenous people and should increase the supply of affordable housing for Indigenous people living in Calgary. Applications will be available this summer and accepted starting on National Truth and Reconciliation Day, September 30, until November 30, 2023. After all applications are reviewed, successful applicants will be notified in Q1 2024.

Home Program

The Home Program provides funding to non-profit organizations to deliver projects that increase housing stability and successful tenancies for affordable housing residents or people in housing need. Applications for the 2023 Home Program will be accepted from March 28 – May 2, 2023.

Non-market Housing Land Sale Funding Program - Pilot

New to this round of the Non-Market Land Sale program, successful applicants will be eligible for additional City funding through a Non-Market Housing Land Sale Funding pilot program.  Once the selection process is complete, successful applicants will need to formally close on the sale of the land, in order for each successful applicant to claim additional City financial support of up to 20% of eligible project hard costs to a maximum of $75,000 per unit. Eligible projects hard costs include:

Development Costs

  • Land
  • Site grading
  • Environmental remediation
  • Utility servicing – deep and shallow
  • Utility upgrades – onsite or offsite
  • Levies
  • Surface concrete work
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Street lighting
  • Bus shelter

Building Construction Costs

  • Foundation
  • Structural
  • Roofing
  • Cladding
  • Glazing
  • Exterior Envelope
  • Partitions and Doors
  • Finishes
  • Fittings and Equipment
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a Funding Agreement with the City of Calgary to formalize terms and conditions. The Funding Agreement shall be registered on title concurrent with the property transfer to the successful applicant.

Development Applications

Planning & Development provides a Customer Coordinator, Affordable Housing as a single point of contact for all non-market housing applications and planning inquiries. The Customer Coordinator can help you determine the City resources that may be available to you, and arrange an expedited timeline to efficiently move your non-market housing application through the approvals process.


Calgary City Council has adopted the Non-Profit Land Disposition Policy allowing for the sale of up to ten pieces of City land to non-profit affordable housing developers. The policy is designed to help develop capacity among non-profit housing providers to invest in building more non-market housing in Calgary.

The City of Calgary - Real Estate & Development Services​ sells serviced land for a variety of uses (industrial, commercial and residential), including lands specifically for non-market housing providers.


Non-profit tax mitigation program is available for non-profit organizations.

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