Insurance & Claims plan and budget

Insurance & Claims plan and budget


Insurance & Claims monitors the operational risks of The City and associated boards and authorities to determine cost-effective ways to eliminate, reduce, manage, transfer or insure such risks.  We also manage the adjustment of claims either brought forward by the public or The Corporation in a fair and equitable manner.

Our customers

  • Insurance & Claims provides a direct benefit to all areas within The Corporation
  • a number of civic partners
  • the general public

Our partners

  • Legal Services

Value to Calgarians

  • provides advice on operational risk management
  • manages placement of all corporate insurance policies
  • operates the civic insurance fund in accordance with industry standards
  • manages the investigation, negotiation and settlement of claims brough forward by the public of The Corporation

What we deliver

  • Advice on managing operational risks
  • In-house investigation, negotiation and settlement of claims brought forward by the public or The Corporation
  • Management of the civic insurance fund
  • Purchasing all Corporate insurance policies
  • Reporting on claims data & trend analysis
  • Contract reviews
  • Loss Control Inspections

Budget breakdown

service plan budget


Operating ($millions)
Capital ($millions)
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Service line Breakdown
Insurance & Claims

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Service performance

Expected 2026 performance.

Average time to respond to a Calgarian on a new claim

2022 was 0 days

2023 mid-year was 2 days

Average open claims per adjuster

2022 was 0

2023 mid-year 270

What we've heard

Insurance & Claims conducted surveys with our five largest clients based on overall claims volume and insurance premiums. The surveys show that the respondents are satisfied with the claims management process and they find value, both operationally and financially, in the advice provided on risk management and insurance matters.

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What we're watching

  • Climate Change Risk - Large weather events are occurring more frequently, and this creates a challenge with internal resources as well as funding higher insurance premiums that may result.
  • Cyber Security Risk - As business operations increasingly rely on technology, the risk of network and data breaches has increased as well. There is a market-wide focus on ransomware claims.
  • Insurance Market Risk - Hardening of the insurance markets, which was caused by an increase in loss ratios and a decrease in competition and capacity over the last two years.

Our initiatives

What we plan to do

The primary service result for Insurance & Claims is to provide a resilient and predictable model for managing insurance and claims for the corporation. This includes reducing financial uncertainty for all service lines, mitigating emerging risks, and helping to turn the curve on claims trends.

How we're going to get there

  • Continue to build strong relationships within the insurance industry to reduce market risk and volatility in the corporate insurance program.
  • Continuous improvement initiatives to automate and enhance claims data collection and continue corporate discussions about risk and claims reductions.
  • Continue to conduct loss control inspections.
  • Support currency of replacement costs for the corporate property insurance policy and ensure ongoing compliance with Provincial automobile insurance requirements.
  • Focus on the employee experience to support a high performing, healthy and engaged workforce.