Corporate Security plan and budget

Corporate Security plan and budget


Corporate Security's purpose is to keep people, information and assets safe and secure in a way that makes Calgarians proud. Using a risk-based approach, our service protects The City's information, infrastructure, assets and people – including Calgarians, employees, The Mayor and Members of Council.

Our service focuses on proactive security risk management through security risk assessments and mitigation strategies, security intelligence, security investigations and forensics, security monitoring and response, security technical applications and support, and security awareness and training.

Our customers

  • City of Calgary employees
  • Service owners
  • Executive leadership
  • Mayor and member of Council
  • Citizens and visitors
  • Internal and external partners
  • External enforcement agencies
  • Regulatory bodies

Our partners

  • Executive leadership team
  • Senior Management Team
  • Mayor and Council
  • Other internal business units
  • Calgary Police Service and other enforcement and security agencies
  • Province and other municipalities

Value to Calgarians

  • risks are proactively identified, assessed and mitigated
  • improved organizational resilience, safety and security
  • availability of all City services is maintained

What we deliver

  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
  • Security intelligence, investigations and forensics.
  • Security operations, monitoring and response.
  • Technical application and support.
  • Education and awareness courses.
  • Cyber security incident mitigation and response.

Budget breakdown

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Corporate Security

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Service performance

Expected 2026 performance.

# of threat risk assessments and security consultations conducted

2021 was 283

2023 mid-year was 230

# of incidents including social disorder

2022 was 1,829

2023 mid-year was 889

# of security responses to distress

2021 was 186

2023 mid-year was 189

# of security education sessions delivered

2021 was 289

2023 mid-year was 32

# of investigations for policy breaches

2021 was 105

2023 mid-year was 50

What we've heard

Corporate Security engages with other municipalities, enforcement agencies and various stakeholders to identify and manage security risks and improve its security services. We engage with internal City clients by working with:

  • The Information Management & Security Governance Committee, The Security Client Council and Plus 15 Safety & Security
  • Committee – discuss security initiatives and policies.
  • The Whistleblower and Audit Committee – discuss and collaborate on investigations.
  • Groups focusing on community issues and problems such as 9-block and Central Memorial Park.

We conduct numerous threat risk assessments for our clients to provide proactive security solutions that manage risks to the organization. We use The City’s employee satisfaction survey to address and improve gaps in employee engagement

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What we're watching

  • Global changes to the political, economic and social environment, including altering social attitudes and perspectives; unrest, changes in politics and political movements, impact Calgary.
  • We will continue to proactively identify and respond to increasing social disorder, protests, and demonstrations in collaboration with other enforcement agencies to help ensure the safety of employees, citizens, The Mayor and Members of Council during these events.
  • Our Cyber Security teams will continue to monitor the increased volume in cyber threats, including ransomware and phishing emails, and trends of a digital shift in modern government.

Our initiatives

What we plan to do

Corporate Security will maintain 2022 service levels. We will invest to maintain existing security infrastructure through capital lifecycle and maintenance initiatives, and prioritize increasing service demand, through a risk-based approach to manage security needs with current resource capacity.

How we're going to get there

  • Provide a safe and secure working environment by maintaining current delivery of workplace violence and active assailant response training for City employees.
  • Maintain organizational resilience from cyber security events by implementing mandatory cyber security awareness training for City employees.
  • Improve public safety, and response to social disorder and criminal activities, through increased training for emergency response and de-escalation techniques for the in-house guard program.
  • Maintain availability of all City services by completing reactive threat risk assessments for City critical infrastructure and recommending security measures.
  • Maintain availability of all City services and minimize outages due to ransomware events through improvements of cybersecurity incident response.

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