Vehicles transporting dangerous goods are required to travel on the designated dangerous goods routes.

When it becomes necessary to leave the designated dangerous goods route for the purpose of making a delivery or supplying a service, a carrier must proceed on the dangerous goods route to the truck route that forms the most direct, accessible connection to the destination point and, if necessary, proceed on the truck route to the street that forms the most direct accessible connection to the destination point.

The carrier must return to the dangerous goods route using the same street or truck route. A carrier may also leave a dangerous goods route to obtain emergency repairs or service at the nearest service station or repair depot located on or near a truck route. 

Central business district restrictions

The transportation of dangerous goods is restricted in the Central Business District from 0600 hours to 1800 hours, Monday through Saturday.

A carrier may enter the Central Business District between the hours of 0930 to 1130 and 1330 to 1530, Monday through Saturday, for the purpose of obtaining or delivering dangerous goods from or to a location within the Central Business District provided that no dangerous goods are being transported which require a placard under existing Provincial or Federal legislation. (Source: Bylaw 23M2005, an amendment of Bylaw 13M2004).

The Central Business District is the area bounded in the north by the Bow River, in the east by the Elbow River, on the south by 17 Avenue S. and on the west by 14 Street W.

Special Permits are issued by the Fire Department Hazardous Materials Section, which can be reached at The Calgary 311 Operations Centre.

Other restrictions

Carriers with class 6 dangerous goods are prohibited from using Glenmore Trail S.W. over the Glenmore Reservoir (between Crowchild Trail and 14 Street S.W.).

Some roads are restricted by load weight. See the list of load banned roads.

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Alberta TRAVIS Permits

To inquire about a TRAVIS permit application, contact the TRAVIS permit office:
TRAVIS Web (Overloads/Annuals/Licensing)

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