Northwest Inner-City Community Drainage Improvements

Construction updates

Upper Plateau Separation Construction

Construction sites are set-up in two locations: the Rosedale Off-Leash Park (east of 10th Street) and the Bow River Pathway (near the outfall area across 7th Street NW)

What to expect

  • Construction fencing is installed around the perimeter of the site.
  • Pathway detours are set up for the duration of the project so cyclists and pedestrians can safely get around.
  • Along the Bow River Pathway, cyclists and pedestrians will share the pathway for a short stretch (see detour map)
  • During this phase 10th Street and all Memorial Drive lanes will remain open, but flaggers will be on site, when needed, to allow construction vehicle access.

See the map for more information.

Kensington Crescent & Kensington Close Construction

The City will be working on both Kensington Crescent and Kensington Close N.W. between 11 and 13 Street N.W. to significantly increase the capacity of stormwater infrastructure in the area and reduce flooding caused by intense rainfall. The work will be completed in four phases, and each section of work is anticipated to take up to two weeks to complete.

Crews will start work on Kensington Crescent between 11 and 11a Street N.W. on May 3, 2023. Work on Kensington Close N.W. between 11a and 12 Street N.W. is anticipated to start on May 17, 2023.  

See the attached notice for full details on road closures and timing of construction. 

About the project

We’re investing in upgrades to water infrastructure in the inner-city northwest communities to enhance the safety of residents and protect vulnerable areas from the damages caused by stormwater flooding.

Much of the stormwater infrastructure in the area was built to the standard of the time but is now outdated and is being fixed to significantly increase the capacity in these neighbourhoods and reduce flooding caused by intense rainfall.

With support from the Government of Alberta, the construction of these upgrades started in 2021.

Project work and locations

Construction on some projects began in September 2021 and will be completed in phases over the next three years with all projects wrapped up by the end of 2023.

Local drainage improvements

This includes replacing and upgrading storm drains (or catchbasins) and replacing or upsizing existing pipes to increase stormwater capacity. These improvements will all help reduce flooding and pooling in the community.

Storm Drain  

Projects started in September 2021

  • West Hillhurst
  • 10th Street NW
  • Kensington area

Projects starting in spring 2022

  • 1st Avenue NW
  • 7th Avenue NW
  • Sunnyhill Lane

New storm pipe (Upper Plateau Separation)

A larger, dedicated pipe will provide an express route to move stormwater from the communities on top of the hill directly to the river, bypassing Sunnyside and helping prevent flooding in the area. The Upper Plateau Separation project will work with the 10 Street NW project to achieve this.

The infrastructure will also include a filtration system to help stop pollutants, like grit and oils, from going into the river.

Construction started in November 2021 and is anticipated to be complete by mid-2023.


What we're constructing

Managing construction in the area

Construction schedules for many of these projects are ambitious as they are based on provincial funding commitments as well as provincial and federal environmental regulations.

We understand that construction over the next few years will be challenging for those who travel, live, visit and work in the area. That’s why we’re working together across these and other City projects in the area to help manage construction impacts, including:

  • Managing construction schedules to help avoid repeated disruptions to the same area.
  • Creating safe detours whether you travel by foot, bike, bus or car.
  • Maintaining access to businesses and the community.

We will also work closely with you (residents, business owners and community groups) throughout the pre-construction and construction periods to minimize disruptions.

What to expect

We’ll keep communities up to date with our ongoing plans and construction schedules as timelines and details are finalized. In general, when construction is underway, here’s what you can expect:

Getting around

  • Temporary road closures, lane reductions and detours
  • Pathway and sidewalk closures and detours.
  • Cycle lane detours or “share the lane”
  • Temporary transit stop relocations and detours

Construction activity

  • An increase in on-site construction activity, including construction crews, vehicles and heavy equipment. For safety, fencing will be installed around construction areas and on-site signage installed.
  • Noise, vibrations and dust
    •         Noise levels will be monitored
  • Construction activity on weekdays and weekends is highly likely.


  • Temporary utility shutdowns may be required.
    • Disruptions will be limited to less than eight hours and prior notice will be given to affected customers at least a day in advance.

Tree removal

  • To complete work on some of the projects, some trees will need to be removed.
    • Trees are important in our community and removing a tree is always a last resort. Through the design process, we have tried to preserve as many trees as possible throughout construction, but some loss will be unavoidable.
    • The City is developing a tree protection and compensation plan that will protect some existing trees and a replanting strategy to replace the canopy.

Blue/Green and Black cart collection

  • Changes to black/blue/green cart collection locations, depending on any road detours or closures.

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