Tuxedo community drainage improvements

About this project

The City's Community Drainage Improvements Program works to reduce overland flooding in areas throughout Calgary.

Drainage studies were undertaken to identify solutions for communities frequently affected by flooding due to extreme rainfall. These solutions can include adding additional storm drainage pipes, increasing the size of pipes, and adding wet or dry storm ponds to help manage stormwater. 

In recent years, Tuxedo Park has experienced a high number of heavy rainfall events causing flooding. Once upgrades are complete the likelihood of a rain event overwhelming the local storm system will be greatly reduced.

Project map

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Project work

Construction updates - Spring 2023

Crews will be returning this spring to complete work on 26 Avenue N.E., the playground area,  and the ball field. We expect work will begin in May, and will wrap up by the fall of 2023. Crews will be working on:

  • Planting new trees on the north boulevard of 26 Avenue N.E. between Centre Street and 1 St N.E. (expected completion August 2023).
  • Paving of back alleys north of the dry pond (expected completion June 2023).
  • Installation of playground equipment (expected completion June 2023).
  • Installation of park furnishings and the water fountain (expected completion July 2023).
  • Restoring the ball field (expected completion fall 2023).
The following work has been re-scheduled, and we will have more information to share on timelines when the contractor is on board:
  • Drainage upgrades on:
    • Centre Street between 25 Avenue N and 26 Avenue N
    • 26 Avenue N.W. between Centre Street and 1 Street N.W.
    • 27 Avenue N.W. between Centre Street and 1 Street N.W.

Other projects in the area

To learn more about managing stormwater in Calgary, see our Homeowner Water Guide for Calgary's stormwater management system.

Dry pond and storm trunk upgrades

The dry pond for the park space at 202 29 Ave NE and upgrades to the storm trunks under Centre St N and 1 St NE will reduce​ flooding during extreme rain events throughout the community. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2021 and be substantially complete by the end of the year. Landscaping and recreation amenity installation will take place in 2022. The park space will be inaccessible to the public for the duration of construction.


Renderings of the future park space once construction and landscaping are complete.

  • Before heavy rainfall

    A dry pond can be located on parkland, next to roadways or on recreation or school fields. Once constructed the entire site is fully landscaped to blend into local surroundings, and can continue to be used for sport, recreation or leisure purposes.

  • After heavy rainfall

    A dry pond captures stormwater runoff during a rainstorm, as well as water from an underground stormwater pipe. Water collected in a dry pond can take from one to six hours to drain after a storm. This is done by gravity via drains built into the bottom of the pond.

35 Ave NE storm trunk upgrade

Upgrading the storm trunk, (the large diameter pipe running under 35 Ave NE), will increase its capacity and ability to collect stormwater, diverting it away from the community and into our rivers. Construction will begin in the late spring or early summer 2021. This project should be complete by the end of 2021.

Stormwater drainage improvements

Stormwater Diversion and local drainage improvements

This includes installation of inlet control devices, bio-retention areas, replacement or upgrade of catch basins and manholes, storm sewer diversions, and improvement of overland spill routes throughout the community. A new storm pipe will be installed under 18 Ave N, across Centre St, which will divert stormwater away from Tuxedo Park, reducing flooding and pooling in the community.

Construction timelines for these projects vary, although all should be substantially complete by the end of 2021.

Flood mitigation devices
Stormwater cross section

Addressing groundwater flooding

The City does not undertake projects to specifically eliminate the risk of groundwater seepage due to high groundwater tables. While there may be some residual benefit from drainage improvements being made to Tuxedo Park, managing groundwater is not the primary goal of this project.

When the water table rises due to heavy rainfall, an effective way to reduce basement flood risk is taking the appropriate steps at home.  This includes:

  • Install a sump pump with a back-up power source.
  • Install backflow preventer valves on sanitary sewer lines.
  • Ensure downspouts drain onto the ground at least two metres away from your home.
  • Improve your lot grading so that it slopes away from the house foundation.
  • Repair cracks in the basement foundation.
  • Finish basements with easily washable materials, such as concrete floors and walls.
  • Install water alarms in the basement to alert you if water is backing up.
  • Avoid building living spaces below grade.

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