Bridge rehabilitation and maintenance is an important part of Roads operations. Monitoring bridges through regularly scheduled condition assessments keeps bridge engineers informed and provides for maintenance planning activities.

Why are there lane closures on the bridge but no one is working?

Bridge rehabilitation projects involve removal of deteriorated concrete and replacing with new concrete.  To ensure the new concrete obtains strength, it needs to cure with as little vibration as possible.  If you see a lane closure on a bridge but no one is working, it is because we are allowing the concrete to cure with as little of traffic vibration as possible.

Maintaining bridges through both routine and preventative types of maintenance assists in keeping bridge deterioration in check. Detailed investigations and testing provides a snapshot of bridge health allowing for advance planning of major rehabilitation work.

The City of Calgary currently maintains approximately 400 traffic, pedestrian and LRT bridges, as well as subways and tunnels.

Structures and Bridges division responsibilities:

  • Plans and performs preventative and operational maintenance on bridges and other structures.
  • Manages The City's inventory of over 400 bridges valued in excess of $1.5 billion.
  • Reviews bridge overload requests from the trucking industry.
  • Undertakes capital bridge rehabilitation and upgrade projects.

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