Private swimming lessons

Customized, one-on-one swimming lessons designed to focus on specific goals and for individuals who require additional support. Ages 3+ years.

Benefits of private lessons

  • One-on-one instruction.
  • Targeted training to address unique needs.
  • Can help address weak areas before returning to group classes.
  • Help swimmers gain confidence.

Types of private lessons

You can register online, in person at our Recreation facilities, or by calling
403-268-3800 (option 1).

About our swim instructors

Our instructors have Bronze Cross or higher certification. They are qualified to teach and evaluate Swim for Life® programs, Canadian Swim Patrol, Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross.

What are lessons like?

Instructors assess your abilities and design a custom training program to address your specific needs or goals.

Private lessons can have up to two swimmers per class. Private lessons are booked as individual classes. The length of lessons vary depending on scheduling requirements and the typical age of the swimmers participating in each lesson.

Come prepared

Participants must wear swim wear and bring a towel. Swim goggles are optional. All other required equipment and lifejackets are provided. Lifeguard on duty on pool deck.

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Frequently asked questions

How much do swimming lessons cost?

Swimming lesson prices vary based on number of classes in a course, the total number of instruction hours and the number of swimmers in each class. Group lessons range from $5.75 to $10 per class. Private lessons cost $47.50 per class. 

Are there any additional costs for lessons?

No. Swimming lessons do not have any additional costs.

Lifesaving and swim certification courses may have some material costs and certification fees which are paid to the Lifesaving Society. 

Does my swimmer need to practice swimming in addition to lessons?

Absolutely. Lessons teach core skills, but practicing will help swimmers progress at a much faster rate and is essential to becoming a better swimmer. Find public swim times at our locations at

More swimming lessons

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