Art classes

Art classes

We all have an inner artist. Creative expression frees your imagination and celebrates originality. We have art classes where you can let your creativity loose. 

Join our supportive, artistic community and discover your creative potential in our dedicated art studios designed to suit your needs.  

Benefits of taking our art classes

Visual art is a form of communication and self-expression, allowing each of us to tell our own story.

  • Arts education and participation promotes lifelong learning and creative problem-solving. 
  • Grow self-confidence in a safe, inspiring and non-competitive environment.
  • Learn from professional, practicing artists.
  • Our studios meet health and safety standard practices.
  • Have fun with your friends and make new ones.

Types of art classes

Why choose us?

For more than 35 years, we've provided artistic experiences for all ages and abilities. Whether you're starting out or want to expand your skills, we have something for you. 

We have a wide variety of art classes that will help you learn drawing, painting, printmaking, and the potter’s wheel. Our approach includes patience, skill, humour, and encouragement. We focus on self-expression and technique in a safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment.

Where can I take art classes?