The City is responsible for planning, managing and operating over 5,600 parks and open spaces and over 1,000 km of pathways throughout Calgary. We believe that green spaces are an essential part of our City's landscape and we're strongly committed to providing Calgarians with healthy, vibrant and sustainable green spaces.

What we do

Parks is responsible for:

Place Matters: A North Calgary Project

Funded through a Council Innovation Fund and the Suncor Energy Foundation, Parks Foundation Calgary and Vivo with support from The City launched a community engagement initiative through 2022 and 2023 to learn more from Calgarians about what creates a prosperous community.

The insights gained informed a co-creation strategy model and tool kits for grassroots park development across North Central Calgary. The project also helped to generate a list of priorities of community-driven outdoor space projects for the future.

Parks mission

We take our role as planner, protector, facilitator, educator and provider of parks and open spaces seriously.

The Open Space Plan outlines the management of Parks through specific policies, plans and procedures in land use, such as theOpen Space Policy. It provides broad direction for day-to-day procedures, as well as direction for decision-making on community plans, area redevelopment plans and development proposals.

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