Caring for our urban forest

Trees are one of our most vital natural resources. By protecting and caring for public trees and helping Calgarians plant and maintain trees on private property, we hope to make the city landscape better for generations to come.

  • Branching Out Tree Program

    Help us grow and expand our tree canopy coverage by planting a tree.

  • City owned (public) trees

    ​How the City cares for trees in YYC, tree bylaws, requirements and policies, and more.

  • Citizen owned (private) trees

    ​​Tree care tips and tricks, pest and disease info, and what you need to know as a homeowner with trees on your property.

  • Submit a tree related SR

    ​​Have a tree concern? Submit a service, development or tree protection 311 request.

  • Learn about trees and tree care

    ​In-person and online tree education for a variety of topics and interests. Opportunities include online modules, workshops and guided tree walks.

  • Tree maps

    ​​Our tree maps have tree species, valuation information, and learn if it's a City tree or private tree.