Managing City finances

Managing City finances

Keeping the cost of municipal government low

Calgary consistently earns its place as one of the world's most livable cities, and we take pride in our commitment to providing essential services to Calgarians while keeping the cost of municipal government low.

Over the past decade, Calgary has experienced remarkable growth, becoming Canada's fastest-growing city with a nearly 25% increase in its population. This rapid expansion, coupled with the highest inflation rates seen since 1982, has introduced significant challenges in our efforts to meet the increasing demands for City services.

Total City Operating Expenditures have been diligently managed in line or below the combined rates of population growth and inflation for the past decade. Taxpayer groups and businesses have long advocated that all governments keep their spending in line with these measures. The City has consistently done so since 2014, despite being the fastest growing city in Canada over the past decade.

In the chart below, Calgary’s cumulative Total City Expenditures represented by the blue line remain in line or below the combined population and inflation growth (black line) over the past nine years. Moreover, our future budgeted amounts is projected to remain below population growth and inflation projections. This strategy underscores our dedication to sustaining a high quality of life for Calgarians while keeping the burden on taxpayers as low as possible.

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