Business Improvement Areas

Business Improvement Areas

Groups of businesses in an area that work together on local improvements.

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About BIAs

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a group of businesses, within a defined geographic area, that work together on local improvements. Established under the Municipal Government Act of Alberta, BIAs are funded by an annual levy which is collected from the area’s businesses by The City and transferred to the BIA board of directors as stipulated in the regulation

BIA roles

  • Enhance the economic development of an area through promotion and marketing.
  • Improve and maintain the physical environment of public spaces in commercial areas.
  • Develop, improve, and maintain public parking.

Economic & social value

  • BIAs play a lead role in area revitalization and have helped create some of Calgary's best known and most loved neighborhoods.
  • BIAs provide input and advocate for policies and planning that supports economic vitality in their areas.
  • BIAs invest in promotion, special events, maintenance, and streetscape improvements within their areas.
  • BIAs work collaboratively with The City in delivery of municipal services, operational issues, and strategic planning within their zones. 

Active Boundary Changes and Establishments

Calgary Downtown Association (CDA) Boundary Expansion

The CDA's proposed boundary expansion was approved by City Council on September 14th, 2022 : 11.4.1 Calgary Downtown Association – Change in Boundaries Request, CD2022-0792.

For more information about the CDA expansion, please see:


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