Contractor environmental responsibilities package

Working with The City: What do you need to know?

Are you a contractor interested in working with The City of Calgary? Please view our Contractor Environment Responsibilities Package (CERP).

The following individuals may submit ESC Plans to The City for review and approval, when they have experience in the design and implementation of erosion and sediment control:

  • Professional engineer (P.Eng.)
  • Professional licensee (P.L.(Eng.))
  • Professional agrologist (P.Ag.)
  • Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC)

The CERP contains information about environmental considerations that are a part of all policies, activities and operations at the City, including the following:

Contractor Environmental Acknowledgement Form - You must review and sign pages 13 - 15 of this document before beginning work. You must initial the items in the checklist and sign the document.

Communicating to onsite personnel

You must inform personnel that are carrying out work or providing material to the job site. It is possible that during the course of the contract work, The City of Calgary may review the information in this document with you and your personnel.

Contractor environmental regulations

The environmental performance of Contractors working for The City of Calgary is critical in helping us meet our commitment to protect the environment and comply with all environmental laws and regulations.

Contractors are responsible for knowing and complying with all applicable laws, regulations, approvals or permits relating to the work they are doing for The City.