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Calgary Police Service

Calgary Police Service InfoPosts

InfoPosts are an intelligence gathering tool used to collect information that may be of value to police. These may be used to collect information about a member of the public following an interaction with a police officer, and may include the person’s information and/or circumstances at a particular time and place. In some cases, citizens may be required by law to provide this information to police, and certain situations may be voluntary. 

InfoPosts include information collected about citizens through:

  • Officer Contacts – these include interactions with the public, in which, members of the public are legally required to provide information, such as when an officer is investigating a crime, responding to a call for service, or there is a concern for an individual’s welfare.
  • Street Checks – these interactions are voluntary and are regulated provincially by Bill 63. Street checks are not random and are conducted when an officer has reason to believe that a citizen may have information about a crime or suspicious activity. Street checks occur only when officer’s have no other duty, authority or responsibility.
  • Directed Patrols – these are patrols conducted to ensure  that offenders are abiding by their court-imposed conditions or that parolees are complying with their release orders from Correctional Service of Canada. These are incredibly important to offender management.

We do not, and have never, allowed our officers to randomly stop people and ask them for identification, (a practice commonly referred to as “carding”).

Why do police collect information about citizens?

Collecting information is an important part of community safety and provides us with street-level intelligence that assists with investigations, crime prevention and maintaining public safety. 

Officer Contact Reports

Quarterly reports on our Officer Contacts, including demographic information, are published to be transparent about how we are collecting this information:

Street Check Reports

As reporting on Street Checks is regulated under Bill 63 and was only introduced in 2021, statistics on Street Checks are provided through a separate corporate report to Officer Contacts, as legislated by the provincial government. We continue to work with our provincial partners to standardize this reporting. 

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