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Council Policy Program FAQs

What are Council and Administration policies used for?

Policies provide guidance on decisions and actions. Council policies are approved by Council and are about current and emerging issues of concern to Calgarians. Administration policies are approved by the Executive Leadership Team and are about how Administration manages the organization.

When are Council policies developed, amended, or rescinded?

Council policies are developed to support The City of Calgary priorities, respond to social/economic/political changes, and to introduce new initiatives, programs and services. Council policy proposals are initiated by The City of Calgary Council, Standing Policy Committees, the Chief Administrative Officer or General Managers for consideration by Council.

Council policies are amended to ensure alignment with current Council priorities, initiatives and practices, as well as with legislation and regulations.

Council policies are rescinded when they become out of date and are no longer required. Council policies may also be rescinded when an existing Council policy has been replaced by a new Council policy.

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