Supporting Calgarians with Affordable Housing Affordable housing

If you are a Calgarian and you require affordable housing, or if you are already living in affordable housing, there are resources available. Find out how to apply, and learn about other resources available to you.

Calgary has more than 60 affordable housing partners working to provide safe and stable homes for individuals and families.

The City of Calgary's affordable housing providers

Calgary Housing Company (CHC)

Calgary's largest property manager for affordable housing is Calgary Housing Company (CHC). CHC manages over 10,000 affordable housing units with more than 25,000 tenants living in a variety of mixed income housing options.

CHC provides safe and affordable housing solutions for low- and moderate- income Calgarians in need of non-market rental housing. CHC ensures that new affordable housing developments are financially sustainable while providing an inclusionary approach to housing. 

  • Contact CHC

    Email to learn more about CHC and how to apply for affordable housing.

Attainable Homes

Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHC) is a non-profit housing organization owned by The City of Calgary. AHC operates independently from The City and reports on its activities every year to City Council.

Attainable Homes began in 2009 with a mandate to help moderate-income Calgarians achieve the dream of homeownership. Since then, AHC has helped over 1,100 Calgarians and their families own a home of their own through the assistance of a down payment loan.

Given the shortage in supply of affordable housing, AHC's Shareholder (City Council) has approved an expanded mandate for the organization. AHC creates non-market affordable housing on development-ready land on behalf of The City of Calgary and its citizens. City properties have been identified for AHC on which affordable housing will be developed through ownership and rental tenures.

AHC is motivated by the housing shortage to do its part to contribute to the 3,000 affordable units needed in Calgary every year. The AHC website will indicate homes available for purchase and rental as they become available. Stay informed about updates to development projects through AHC’s Facebook and Instagram channels.

More affordable housing resources

  • Government of Alberta - Additional resources

    The Government of Alberta has additional resources available. Learn more through their online portal.

  • Call 211

    211 is a free, confidential and multilingual service that connects to Government of Alberta programs and services. Call 211 or connect online for more information.

  • 2018 Affordable housing guide

    This guide is intended for anyone who is looking for emergency shelters, short-term and transitional housing and affordable housing in Calgary. It is not a full list of housing providers available.