Greater Forest Lawn: City Projects

The City of Calgary works with many partners, stakeholders and organized community groups when it comes to making decisions around community-building. We work with residents, community organizations, community associations, resident associations, business improvement areas, developers and others to provide Council with the support and information they need to make decisions on land use planning for parks, buildings and streets.

Greater Forest Lawn Communications and Governance Model

Council Innovation Funding has been allocated to develop a multi-community model in Greater Forest Lawn, specifically focusing on: piloting a new multi-community governance model; integrating more effective ways of communication; and considering how residents in Greater Forest Lawn communities can better participate in planning and decision making that influence City development projects in their neighbourhoods.

Forest Lawn Multi-Service Centre

The Forest Lawn Multi-Service Centre project presents a unique opportunity to provide high-quality civic services to an area with a diverse population.

Greater Forest Lawn Communities Local Area Plan

When a neighbourhood reaches an age and stage when revitalization and redevelopment naturally start to happen, a local area plan is a helpful tool to have in place. A local area plan encapsulates a future vision for the area and provides development direction that residents, landowners, builders/developers, City Planners and Councillors can commonly refer to as new development ideas are proposed by property owners and landowners within the area.

Neighbourhood Streets - Dover

As part of the Neighbourhood Streets Program, The City is working with the community of Dover to improve streets in your neighbourhood and create an inclusive mobile network for all community residents.

This project includes:

  • Creating a walking, cycling, and wheeling connection through the community of Dover
  • Addressing speed and design issues on 34 Avenue SE
  • Providing important connections to existing pathways and bikeways
  • Installing missing sidewalks
  • Providing connections to schools and parks