Calgary’s culture is as varied as its population, finding expression across the city through art, food, fashion, dance, film, festivals, cultural celebrations, literary programs, powwows, and more. There are over 120 languages spoken in Calgary. As our city and its culture continue to grow and evolve, we strive to define what makes Calgary special, and how we improve the quality of life for our rapidly growing and diverse population.

Cultural diversity

We value diversity and believe that the expression of individuality through the arts, culture and recreation are vital to a vibrant lifestyle. We want to increase your participation in the many artistic and cultural events held in our city. 

Festivals and Events

Festivals and Events enhance the quality of life in Calgary and are an essential element in creating complete communities. We recognize that these events are important to you and visitors to our city. They help develop Calgary into an active, creative, and viable city.


Public Art

Great city, great art is the approach we take to the Public Art Program. Our investment in public art is intended to transform the way you see, think and experience our city. Our Public Art Policy guides how we increase the artistic character of our city’s public spaces. You can also learn more about public art in Calgary through our virtual Public Art map.

Arts Centres

North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre offers ceramics and visual arts programs and Wildflower Arts Centre offers visual and performing arts programs. Find a program and learn more.

Opportunities for artists

We offer a variety of opportunities for local, national and international artists, from emerging to established professionals, as well as numerous ways to stay informed and in touch. Learn more.


An important part of our city’s identity, culture and spirit. Buskers add delight, interest and energy to festivals, events and afternoon strolls.  Learn more.