Water Services - Construction equipment pickup

When working on construction projects, Water Services uses a variety of equipment, such as barricades, flashers, trailers and ground thaw units (which thaw the ground frost before excavation work). Examples of these pieces of equipment can be seen below.

When performing construction work, we place and utilize equipment strategically. We take into consideration factors of safety, accessibility, amount of people affected and length of equipment use during the project - all for the purpose of using space efficiency. We realize that some equipment may cause a temporary inconvenience, but to save time and money, equipment is stored on site. We appreciate your patience during the construction period.

if you have any questions about Water Services' construction projects, please visit our Water Construction Inquiries page.

Requesting construction equipment pickup

If you notice any Water Services equipment left behind after construction is complete and the crew is no longer on site, please fill out an online service request below or call 311.

Water Services - Construction Equipment Pickup 

If you notice anyone tampering with construction equipment, please call the Calgary Police Services at 403-266-1234. For inquiries about any other City equipment, please call 311.

For Water Wagon pickup requests, please visit our Water Wagons page.

Please note: Some Water Services construction work is outsourced to private companies. Although they are associated with The City, these contractors use their own equipment and are responsible for the construction site. If you have any questions about the equipment a contractor is using, please contact the company directly.