For City of Calgary Water Services construction projects, such as water main replacements, we sometimes need to turn off the water to a home or building. When this happens, temporary water lines may be provided to property owners.

A Water Services crew will connect the temporary water line to the property and make sure it is working. A temporary water line connection to your building will be attached to either a fire hydrant, or a close water source like a neighbour who has water service.

If you're not home when our crew comes by, they will leave a notice for you to schedule a hook up for the temporary water line. Learn more at Water Construction Inquiries.

Please note: A neighbour's permission is needed to access their water supply. If you are the property owner supplying the water to a neighbour, your water bill will be adjusted to reflect the increased water use. For billing adjustments, please call 311.

Water wagons
For construction projects like water main breaks, temporary water lines are usually not provided. If an emergency repair is taking longer than anticipated, water wagons may be provided as a temporary water supply. To learn more, visit Water Wagons.

Temporary water line issues

If you are having any of the following issues and/or the water supply is not working, please complete an online service request below or call 311.

  • Temporary water line is leaking
  • Water pressure is so low you can't access the water supply
  • Water line is frozen
  • Temporary water line in a hazardous location (for example a chemcial spill near the hose, the hose position has moved etc.)
  • You witness an act of vandalism or tampering to the water line

​​Water - Temporary Water Line Issues

Temporary water lines and cold weather

Temporary water lines are not used during winter months. We only hook up water lines as a temporary water source between the months of May and October (weather dependent).

If the temperature outside goes below zero, to prevent these lines from freezing and disrupting your water service, we recommend that you turn on one tap in your home slightly and allow it to run overnight.​