Missed collection day pickup

Report a missed pickup

Before reporting a missed collection, please make sure to double-check your pickup schedule here.

If your cart has been missed, please fill in the online service request form below. If more than one cart has been missed, please complete only one service request and include the additional information in the Details section.

You can also report a missed collection by calling 311 or through the 311 Calgary mobile app

If you are in a household serviced by GFL, please use the same online forms above.

Common reasons for missed pickup

Notice tags left on carts

As part of our education efforts, we may leave a notice tag behind on your cart to make sure you know the right steps for collection day. Common reasons for missed collection include:

  • Incorrect cart placement, not enough spacing between and around carts
  • Obstacles around carts (e.g. cars, fences, poles etc.)
  • The wrong items (contamination) in the bins 

Your collector may tag your cart, but not collect the material. The bin is not serviced so that you are aware of the incorrect issue and to fix it for the next pick-up. 

Your home is one of thousands that is serviced each week. Having your carts set out properly with the right material helps keep your collector safe and stay on schedule for you and your neighbors.

Example of a notice tag left on carts