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What are early intervention and prevention Programs?

Early intervention and prevention programs– Are programs that work to stop children and teens from getting into trouble. These programs seek to address the underlying causes of criminal behaviour before it occurs, by reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors. (examples include: MASST (Multi-Agency School Support Team) and YARD (Youth-at-Risk-Development).

Useful Resources for Families

The following resources provide additional information:

City of Calgary – Calgary Neighbourhoods. Information about the youth programs and services that are offered by the City of Calgary, including the Youth Employment Centre and Calgary AfterSchool.

Calgary Police Service. Provides information regarding the many youth-centred initiatives, including youth mentorship, crime prevention, and education programs the Calgary Police Service delivers either on its own, or in partnership with the City of Calgary, Alberta Health Services and the Calgary Police Youth Foundation.

Calgary Transit. Information regarding bus and train services in Calgary. The site also has a route planning guide.

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