Cycling education programs

Knowing the laws and best practices for sharing Calgary's roadways and pathways is vital for the safety and enjoyment of all road and pathway users. We also recommend taking a cycling education course to build your knowledge, skills and confidence to fully enjoy the freedom cycling can provide.

The City’s Transportation bylaws were revised in 2019. The bylaws now include the minimum safe passing distance when passing someone cycling, provisions that allow for more ways to get around Calgary and changes that improve safety for all road users. See all the changes.

Build your cycling safety skills

From learning how to ride a bike to improving your on-road safe riding skills, there are courses out there for people of all ages and abilities. Although The City of Calgary does not offer these programs, there are other local organizations that provide safe cycling education including:

Build your cycling knowledge

Information for cycling in Calgary

We recommend reviewing these pages to learn more about travelling on Calgary roadways and pathways to keep them safe and friendly for all users.

Cycling education videos

More ways to get around Calgary.
Stay safe. Leave space.
Yielding when entering a roadway.
Using Calgary bike lanes.
Calgary, motorists and cyclists, turning right and left.
Left turns for cyclists.
Dashed bike lanes.

Pathways & bikeways map

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