From mid-April to mid-October, The City repairs worn or damaged sidewalks, curbs and gutters. Through an annual condition survey, we identify where repairs are required. Repairs are prioritized according to severity and safety implications.

Work may include:

  • Frost Repair: Soils susceptible to frost, like silt and clay, expand when they are frozen and shrink when heated. While affected sidewalks may look relatively undamaged in warmer months, they may become safety risks in winter as freeze-thaw cycles cause heaving. To repair these sidewalks, damaged sections of sidewalk, curb and gutter are removed, drainpipes are installed to divert moisture, and new concrete is poured.
  • Sidewalk grinding is a cost-effective alternative to sidewalk replacement. Sidewalk panels that have settled are cut or ground down to eliminate trip hazards.
  • Slabjacking stabilizes and corrects concrete settlement by creating a solid foundation under the sidewalk, curb or gutter. Injection holes are cored into the uneven surface and core holes are injected with grout to raise the concrete back to level. Once lifting is complete, the holes are filled with high-strength, rapid set grout and are finished to match the surrounding concrete
  • Concrete replacement involves completely removing the damaged section of sidewalk and replacing it with a new concrete sidewalk. Concrete replacement is considered if other treatments (sidewalk grinding, slabjacking) will not be effective.

Request a repair

If you're concerned about an area of sidewalk, curb or gutter, please let us know by submitting a repair request.

What sidewalk repair work is happening in Calgary right now?

To help Calgarians know what is happening in our city, The City developed the Calgary Roadway Activities Map. It shows where road construction and repair work is happening in Calgary, as well as where Capital Works Projects, permits and work orders, special events, and more are taking place.