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The City paints almost 3 million metres of road markings in Calgary every year. Roads are inspected annually to identify locations where maintenance is required, and pavement painting is scheduled based on priority.

The pavement marking program runs from May to October, and includes painting and maintenance of various road markings, including: crosswalks, lane lines, arrows bike lane markings, on-street parking stalls, railway stop line, stop bar or stop ‘X,’ and yield symbols.

Type of paint used to paint city roads

The City is actively on the lookout for the most cost-effective, durable materials that are compliant with Federal Government standards. Currently, The City typically uses Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint. While most road markings are painted using this standard, a more durable material – Epoxy – is used for approximately 35% of painted road markings.

Roads marked with VOC paint are repainted every year, while those done with the durable Epoxy are maintained every three to four years.

Crosswalk repainting program

The City repaints and refreshes stencils at over 8,500 crosswalks each year to help ensure crossing locations are visible to pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. Locations at or near schools are repainted twice a year.

Roads are rarely shut down completely to accommodate crosswalk painting, but some lane closures are required to ensure work can be done safely. Expect to see crosswalk painting:

  • During the day (Monday – Thursday) in playground zones and residential areas.
  • At night (Monday – Thursday) on major roads and commercial/industrial areas.

Crosswalk repainting schedule

Updated Oct. 16, 2023. Please note, this schedule may be affected if weather conditions impact work.


Report faded road or crosswalk paint

Please check the crosswalk repainting schedule before reporting crosswalks in need of repainting.