Spring and summer tree care tips from our experts

Venture into your yard & check the health of trees

Check your trees

It’s time to venture into your backyard and check your trees for damage that may still be there from a snow storm. Right now we estimate three quarters of the tree damage is located on private property. Read more about caring for storm damaged trees.

Tree planting tips from our experts

Planting tips

If you lost a tree in a storm or are looking to plant another, here is what you need to know to plant your new tree. Read more 

Right tree, right location: selecting the best tree for your yard

Right tree, right location

Our Urban Forestry Lead, Jill-Anne Spence, along with Kath Smyth, from the Calgary Horticultural Society, talks about the importance of tree and shrub selection with Global Calgary. To help you select and plant a healthy tree that is the “right tree for the right location” here are some of the tips they shared. Read more 

How to plant a tree or shrub

How to plant a tree

Prior to planting a new tree, be sure you have had all underground utilities located, and always remember to call or click before you dig. Next, follow these steps to ensure a successful planting. Read more 

Protecting your trees from pests

Protect your tree from pests

Damage or strees caused a snowstorm may make your trees more susceptible to disease or insects. Read more

Recognizing tree health risks

Recognizing tree risks

Trees are critical to preserving and protecting the natural environment. They improve air quality, help retain storm water, provide homes and food for a variety of wildlife, and save energy. And, of course, they help make Calgary the beautiful city it is. Read more 

Do your trees need mulching? Find out here!

Do your trees need mulch?

You might be out working in your yard but something that is often overlooked is mulching trees. All trees can benefit from mulch. It provides numerous benefits, including improving overall tree health by providing needed nutrients and reducing moisture loss. Read more and check out our Mulching Do’s and Don’ts.

How to avoid tree damage during construction

Avoid tree damage

Planning a construction or home renovation project? Don’t forget to protect your trees. Protecting your trees is an investment as a healthy tree increases in value with age. We recently chatted with Global TV to share some of the following tips and tricks on how to properly protect your tree during construction. Read more

Fall and winter tree care tips from our experts

Winter pruning tips

Winter pruning tips

Did you know winter is a good time to prune your trees? Winter pruning promotes fast regrowth and healing of the pruning wounds in the spring and without leaves, a tree's natural shape is much more visible, allowing you to see the branches that could be pruned. Read more.

Tree safety tips for the holiday season

Holiday safety

Lighting up your trees for the holidays? Our ReTree YYC blog has tips to help you stay safe and keep your trees healthy this holiday season. Read more.

Four tips for winter

Winter tips

As you prepare for winter, remember your trees need help too. Four tips from ReTree YYC to help you prepare your trees for winter. Read more.

Bronze Leaf Disease

Bronze leaf disease

Do you have poplar or aspen trees in your yard? When you are picking up your leaves, be on the lookout for bronze leaf disease. Read more 

Prune your elm trees between October 1 and March 31

Prune your elms

Did you know you can only prune elm trees between October and March? A provincial pruning ban exists between April 1 and September 30 to discourage pruning elm trees at the wrong time. Read more.

How to prepare your trees for winter

Prepare for winter

Tips on how to prepare your trees for winter and give them some extra protection to ensure they fare well. Read more