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Stephen Avenue

More than ever. Like never before. Stephen Avenue


The City is investing in the future and transforming, modernizing and reinventing Stephen Avenue. 

We are on an exciting journey to reimagine Stephen Avenue and position it for a renewed era of success. As a flagship project for Calgary’s Downtown Strategy, The Stephen Avenue project provides a foundation for The City to collaborate with Calgarians to consider and implement strategic improvements – whether near, medium or longer term – that will re-position Stephen Avenue, and ensure its future as Calgary’s hallmark downtown main street. 

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Where we are now – Phase 2

In the current phase of the project, The City is developing a Streetscape Master Plan that will shape how Stephen Avenue looks, feels and is experienced by Calgarians and visitors.

Developing a robust Streetscape Master Plan is key to bringing the vision for Stephen Avenue to life and will serve as a guiding document as the project moves into detailed design and construction. The Streetscape Master Plan is informed by the vision set in Phase 1, public feedback, and technical engineering studies to ensure that the design is implementable.

The Streetscape Master Plan provides a design for a vibrant, high quality street that is a connector of people and places and a downtown destination in its own right. The design aims to improve mobility, connectivity, accessibility, safety and beautify the Avenue. It also places priority on placemaking and sociability, where Calgarians from all walks of life are excited to visit more often and stay longer.

In February 2023, we hosted engagement where we shared draft ideas for the Streetscape Master Plan. We asked for your feedback on draft representative cross-section designs, key design moves, and desired programming on the Avenue. The What we Heard Report can be viewed here. Our team is now working on the finalizing the Streetscape Master Plan. The final Master Plan will be revealed in late Summer of 2023.

Previous work: Public Realm Action Plan

From 2019 through 2020, the Stephen Avenue project kicked off its first phase with a public realm study that provided a vision and roadmap for the future success of Stephen Avenue. Throughout the public realm study process, citizens and partners were engaged to understand challenges and opportunities for Stephen Avenue and define what success looks like. The insights from engagement were fundamental in the development of the Future of Stephen Avenue Phase 1: Public Realm Action Plan.

In Phase 1 of the project, a vision for the Future of Stephen Avenue was created:

Stephen Avenue is Calgary’s main connector to arts, culture and commerce and offers a stage for experimentation and innovation.

A 21st century street, Stephen Avenue links Calgary’s walkable urban core to its neighbourhoods through a great public realm. Active day and night, and throughout the year, Stephen Avenue is a catalyst for a resilient economy, enabling adaptation towards Calgary’s future. As Calgary’s premier local and tourist destination, Stephen Avenue fosters social interaction, civic gathering, and community pride.

Please read the Public Realm Action Plan to learn more about Phase 1 of the project, public engagement and how this vision was established.

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