Recreation Projects and Development

Recreation facility development projects Recreation Projects and Development

The City of Calgary continues to support the development, enhancement, upgrades and maintenance of recreation infrastructure for the use and enjoyment of all Calgarians.

Active Projects

Facility Investment Principles

Calgary Recreation uses Facility Investment Principles to help guide decisions for investing in City-operated recreation infrastructure. These principles ensure investments are strategic and:

  • foster healthy lifestyles through a range of accessible recreation opportunities
  • provide for great public spaces where citizens can connect
  • balance The City’s existing recreation infrastructure with growth and maintenance requirements within limited resources

As cornerstones for complete communities, we recognize the importance of recreation facilities for promoting the local economy, fostering cultural diversity and individual growth, and encouraging healthy, active lifestyles.

To learn more about Recreation’s strategic direction, see the Recreation Master Plan.

Revised Capital Investment Strategy

On May 31, 2021 Council directed Administration to return directly to Council with a revised recreation capital investment strategy to address immediate community need by building and renewing facilities filling known gaps in amenities city-wide. On June 21, 2021, Council approved the Revised Calgary Recreation Capital Investment Strategy, Report C2021-0911.

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