Area Structure Plans

What Is An Area Structure Plan?

An area structure plan (ASP) is a long-range planning document and is the first step in obtaining planning approval for a new community.

The purpose of an area structure plan is two-fold:

  1. It refines and implements The City’s broad planning objectives and policies of the Municipal Development Plan and other policies by promoting logical, compatible and sustainable development.
  2. It guides and directs the specific land use, subdivision and development decisions that collectively determine the form the plan area will take. This includes making decisions on land uses, transportation systems, population and jobs, intensity, the sequence of development, and the provision of essential services and facilities.

City staff from various departments work with community residents, business owners, landowners and developers to create these long-range documents.

The Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan are foundational documents that provide guidance and direction for the form the plan area will take.

What Is The Area Structure Plan Process?

Area Structure Plans are undertaken using a developer-funded process. This new approach streamlines the process, allowing a plan to be prepared over the course of just one year and allows for more collaboration between City staff, landowners and developers.

What Area Structure Plans Are Currently Active In Calgary?

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