Firewood - Burn It Where You Buy It

Firewood's impact on Calgary trees

Let’s say you’re camping in Waterton, having a fire pit in Red Deer, or having a BBQ in Drumheller, and you don’t burn all the wood you bought. There’s no harm in bringing it back to Calgary…right?

When you transport untreated firewood between locations — even just a few kilometres- you can give tree diseases and insects a free ride. These pests can damage and kill our trees, negatively impacting Calgary’s urban forest.

Thanks to vigilance and your hard work, Alberta is still free of Dutch Elm Disease — one of those pests that firewood transport can spread. We also need your help preventing the spread of the emerald ash borer, a non-native beetle that infests ash trees. Help keep YYC’s trees healthy and pest-free.

It’s easy to remember: Burn it Where You Buy It! Looking for info on fire pit safety within Calgary?