Water efficiency for businesses

Practicing water efficiency at your business makes good business sense. Reducing your water use can do the following:

  • Save money - the less water you use, the less you spend, lowering your operating costs.
  • Save energy – the less water you use, the less energy is needed for heating, pumping and treating water.
  • Enhance your image by demonstrating your commitment to the environment.

More water saving tips and resources

Not sure where to start? Here’s a few tips to help you get started.

Water audit
Conduct a water audit to understand where and how your business uses water. Check out the WaterSense® at Work guide to help you get started.

Water efficient fixtures
Always make sure you are installing water efficient equipment. The City requires all new equipment being installed (through new construction or renovation) to be low flow plumbing fixtures, and that the installation of Once Through Cooling equipment is prohibited. For more details, See Water Efficient Fixtures Requirement.

Repair water fixtures
Check and repair all toilets, fixtures and other water systems that could leak.

Outdoor irrigation
If you water an outdoor landscape, ensure maintenance and repairs are up to date. To learn more, check out our guide on Efficient Irrigation.

Workplace education
Create a workplace that focuses on water efficiency. Educate employees about the importance of water efficiency and how to take action in the workplace.

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