The City of Calgary's Environmental Management System (EnviroSystem) provides the framework to manage The City's environmental impacts. It is registered to an international standard for environmental management systems called ISO 14001. With ISO 14001, The City commits to the highest standard for pollution prevention and continual improvement, verified by third-party audit.

What is EnviroSystem?

EnviroSystem is a tool The City uses to identify, track and continually improve its performance, and reduce the environmental impacts of its operations and decision-making. EnviroSystem benefits Calgarians through the following:

  • Creating greater employee awareness of our environmental impacts, programs and goals
  • Helping employees identify ways to improve business practices while conserving resources and reducing waste
  • Making Calgary a cleaner city, benefiting citizens and our environment

Through the ongoing commitment of City Council, City Administration and staff, we will continue to improve our environmental performance and lead the community on the journey to environmental sustainability.

Positive impact

EnviroSystem provides a strong link across all business units through the Environmental Network and other communication tools. The accountability framework provides direct-line reporting to the City Manager and helps all levels of the corporation be involved and accountable.

EnviroSystem has also created a culture of environmental caring and an understanding regarding the importance of protecting our watershed, preserving natural areas and green space, and protecting the air we breathe.


EnviroSystem provides the foundation to achieve environmental goals, capture Council priorities, and engage all employees. Our leadership is demonstrated through incorporating triple-bottom-line (economic, social and environmental considerations) in Corporate and Council processes, monitoring and reporting environmental performance and the City's vision and sustainability.


We are leading the way through innovative application of the ISO 14001 systems approach to implement and achieve strategic environmental goals like Council's priorities. EnviroSystem has the true potential to extend beyond our operations, to provide a framework to more effectively link policy to implementation, and to improve the environmental performance of the community.

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