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Tree requirements for new homes

If you are the owner of a newly constructed home, you may be required to plant and maintain trees on your property in both established and new neighbourhoods.

For permitted developments, which means that your home meets all the rules of the Land Use Bylaw and is considered a contextual dwelling, you must plant required trees within a year and maintain those trees for a minimum of two years after a development completion p​ermit has been issued. Trees can be existing or new plantings.

Number of trees you’re required to plant on your property

Home type Parcel width Required trees Size
Single detached Over 10 metres 3 50 mm diameter
Single detached 10 metres or less 2 50 mm diameter
Semi-detached N/A 2 per unit 50 mm diameter

To encourage the preservation of mature trees, existing deciduous or coniferous trees of the following minimum size are counted towards fulfilling the requirement:

  • 50 mm diameter or three metres high = One tree
  • 85 mm diameter or four metres high = Two trees

If you're looking for yard maintenance, please visit bylaws related to yards.


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