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Ward 3 - Jasmine Mian

2022 Budget Adjustments Update

Please watch this video to learn more about the 2022 budget adjustments. In it, I explain how it affects citizens of Ward 3 and how I voted on specific issues. Overall, this budget represents an important investment in our city. It's spending a smaller amount of money now to save more later. The tax increase is still lower than population growth and inflation, combined. 

Freezing user fees, traffic safety, and investments in the fire department and police were issues that you have told me are important. Snow clearing, of course is very important and I supported increased investment in snow and ice clearing.

I also supported affordable housing, which will enable about 1200 people to become housed as a result. One of the most important issues, climate change, was also a significant portion of this budget that I supported. We have to slowly chip away to get our city's operations up to date from a technology/energy and emissions perspective.

Finally, the investment in the Downtown Strategy is a huge piece of work. The large downtown vacancy (around 30%) has lowered the values of those buildings and shifted the tax burden to the rest of the city. 

If you'd like to read the reports and minutes from this week's budget meetings, please visit this link.

Councillor Jasmine Mian on City of Calgary 2022 Budget Adjustments

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